Alfies Market : LONDON

For over 30 years Alfies Antique Market has attracted serious collectors, interior designers and celebrities to its varied collection of antiques and collectables. To this day people from all over the world come to Alfies to take in its bohemian chic atmosphere and to find something genuine and unique. The dealers at Alfies are experienced specialists, trading in a breathtaking array of collectable gems. With a wealth of knowledge in their field they are able to offer objects not found elsewhere, thus making Alfies a real treasure trove of surprises. Over the years, Alfies has evolved and become the home to the best dealers of 20th Century design and collectables as well as maintaining its reputation as London's foremost centre for antiques and vintage fashion. Whether it is a Clarice Cliff tea set, an Alvar Aalto chair or a Victorian charm bracelet, Alfies is truly an exceptional place for finding beautiful and unusual pieces.

13-25 Church Street
London NW8 8DT 

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm 
Tel: 020 7723 6066 


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